Lead the change

'Prosperity' and 'Peace of Mind' for clients – is what we always strive for. This core, guiding philosophy is the cornerstone of everything that we, at Continental, stand for. Fostering individual growth is the key endeavour at Continental. We empower you with 'strong roots' and 'powerful wings' so that you can help us scale new heights. Strong culture, competitive remuneration and sustained development initiatives provide you with firm 'roots' to help you build onto your talent pool.


Fostering a community of family

At Continental, everyone encourages and motivates each other. We are a team of passionate, determined, and spirited people, mentored by an extremely inspiring leader. We like to think creatively and be innovative in how we approach our work and the industry, while not being afraid to challenge the norm to serve our clients better.


Experiential on-the-job learning

Whether you want to take a specific course, achieve a certification, or qualify to join us at the MDRT event, which we have been a part of for over a decade, continuous learning and curiosity is at the heart of our DNA. Our robust training department values staff input and caters to the learning and development requirements of individuals and the industry.


The architect of your own future

Encouraged to build your own career path at Continental, you dictate your own success. The flexibility of work hours and location means it’s a perfect fit for any employee - no matter your personal situation. Setting your own agenda, you are your own boss.

Recognizing Hard Work

Hear from Our Employees

Aadil Kadri

Group Manager

.......... Friends, an apple a day keeps the doctor away however we all still need an insurance. It has been a "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" experience working with Continental. The company's philosophy of "walk the talk" has motivated and encouraged me to be with them for almost 2 decades and still going strong......

Nazneen Abbas

Group Manager

It has been a fulfilling journey for me. Twenty two years with one organization, yet it only seems like yesterday. How time has passed. I have seen Continental grow from a small ine-member team when I joined to what it is today. It’s a humbling and motivating experience.

William Messruther

Group Manager

The teams are warm and welcoming, the culture of the company is excellent and what is fascinating is that we possibly have members from all continents working side-by-side motivating and inspiring each other.

A Great Place To Be

Whilst retaining a spacious ambience, our team is given a unique space within which to conduct business. With welcoming and comfortable meeting rooms, decorated with carefully selected art pieces, we’re certain our clients will enjoy our newly designed offices just as much as we do.

Continental offers you a large number of possibilities, choose the best fit for you.
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