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With over 28 years of experience in the Middle East, The Continental Group stands as a leading insurance intermediary and financial services provider. We're proud to hold multiple global business licenses, including recognition from the Central Bank of the UAE, the Financial Services Commission (FCA) in the Republic of Mauritius, and regulatory approvals from ARIF and FINMA in Switzerland. Our recent license from the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) sets us apart as one of the select intermediaries with extensive local and global regulatory guidance.

Life insurance is vital when planning for your future and yet many of us never think of taking out cover. We don’t think twice about insuring our homes, cars and other possessions, so why do we shy away from protecting our loved ones in the event we become ill or pass away? Life insurance provides a safety net for your family if you die, helping them to cope financially during what is certain to be a difficult time for them.

The legacy you leave your family should be secure, easing their stress when the worst happens, and protecting them from financial disaster. We can help.

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Whatever your circumstances, if you are searching for a life insurance policy to protect your dependents, Continental has the solution for you. Continental’s life insurance policies are wide, varied and incredibly affordable – accounting for every circumstance and protecting those closest to you. The average cost of life insurance for a £100,000 lump sum is just £7 a month – and the peace of mind you gain is truly priceless.

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