Endowment Plans

Endowment life insurance is an insurance product that can double up as a regular savings plan. This can then be used, for example, to send a child to college or University. An endowment policy is set up as a regular savings plan, and at the end of a set period it will pay out a lump sum. The policy incorporates life insurance, so in the event that the policyholder dies in the meantime, the policy will pay out on death.

If you choose an endowment plan, you will have the flexibility to choose your monthly premium and the period the policy must cover. You can work out the monthly premium you want to pay, based on how much cash you will eventually need.

Why would an endowment policy be beneficial?

At Continental we would suggest that an endowment plan or policy could be beneficial for you if you are looking to save up, with a particular event or goal in mind. This could be your child’s education, a wedding, or a plan for property investment. An endowment plan is particularly useful for those who can commit to saving over a period of ten years or more, and who understand that the value of your investment may go down as well as up.

An endowment plan offers you the added security of term life insurance with a savings program. If you are concerned about not being around for a dependent in the future, this policy will pay out to your beneficiary when you die, as long as the policy is still within term and has not lapsed.

Continental can find the best endowment plan for your needs

At Continental we are happy to advise on the best endowment plan to meet your needs. We can suggest risk-free solutions, that promise a guaranteed return on a guaranteed date. We are leaders in the field of insurance throughout the Middle East, totally committed to providing personalised solutions for your specific insurance requirements.

For example, if you’re considering saving up a cash lump sum, your Continental adviser will calculate the monthly contributions you will require in order to guarantee your required pay-out, and then find the perfect endowment plan for you. The endowment plan means that the cash sum will be realised even if you pass away before the policy is due to end.

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Deciding whether to opt for life insurance, or find an endowment plan that’s right for your circumstances, can be a daunting task. At Continental our specialist insurance experts are happy to talk you through a wide range of options. We’ll help you unravel the complexity of the insurance world and find the right life endowment plan or policy solution, one that is specifically tailored for your individual needs.

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Three reasons to choose Continental


A network of qualified professionals

We recognise our responsibility as your guide to the complex, ever-changing world of financial planning and advice. Our advisory and consulting services help you better understand your options to create proven solutions that align with your goals.

Continental’s team of over 300 qualified members operating from offices in the Middle East, Europe and Asia are geared to provide you with impeccable service and unbiased advice that is backed by professional qualifications, rich experience and a guiding philosophy of doing what is right for you, our client.

Our dedication to continuing education, research and technology, ensures we stay ahead, so we can take you further.


Multifaceted solutions

For us there’s nothing more important than your financial security. Whether you are securing your family’s future, assisting your clients or planning your own expansion, Continental can provide the guidance and resources necessary to reach your financial goals and aspirations quickly and efficiently.

Our extensive range of products from reputed local and international partners allow us to offer you the most comprehensive financial and insurance solutions in the market with a commitment to provide a dedicated and personalised service to you at all times.


A personalised approach

We believe that in life, and in business, personal relationships come first. Our relationships are founded on trust that we work hard to uphold – always in addition to a qualified, experienced team.

To help you meet your unique financial goals and aspirations, we ensure that our advice and recommendations are tailored to suit your objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, cash requirements and other key parameters. We source solutions that are designed based on your long-term interests which could vary from minimising risk, preserving wealth, to maximising income or accumulating capital and other financial desires.

The quality of our service relies on confidentiality, trust and discretion, which make us the preferred choice for our clients.

What our clients say about us


1. Why might I be interested in an endowment plan rather than a savings plan?

You might use an endowment policy because you want to make a general investment or because you have a specific savings goal in mind. The beauty of an endowment plan is that if anything happens to you, your beneficiary will still receive the cash pay-out.

2. How does an endowment plan work?

An endowment plan works by you making monthly or annual payments. Part of the payment you make will be used to buy your life insurance, while the rest will be invested. Your return will depend on how well the investment performed.

3. Is there any risk to me?

Your endowment policy is guaranteed to pay back a certain minimum amount provided it is held to the end of the term or you die in the meantime. The market may go down as well as up, so your Continental expert financial adviser can suggest the best way to manage your investments.

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