What is Universal Life Insurance?

Universal life insurance provides more flexibility than whole life insurance. Where whole life insurance has a fixed rate premium linked to an investment component, with universal life insurance, you have the option to pay premiums above the minimum required cost of insurance, in order to create a cash value that can be used in the future. In other words, universal life insurance offers you low-cost protection combined with a savings element.

The cost of the insurance coverage keeps the policy in force, while any premiums paid over the minimum cost of insurance, will accumulate. You can draw these savings out at a later date, and use them to continue to pay the monthly premiums if you wish. Your universal life insurance policy is guaranteed, just as long as the minimum cost of insurance is covered – but this can be either through the monthly payment of premiums, or from the cash value of the savings.

When should you buy universal life insurance?

At Continental, we recommend you purchase a universal life insurance policy early on in life, while you are still in your twenties or thirties perhaps, as this enables you to build your assets over a longer period of time. In an ideal scenario, you would want to have your universal life insurance policy for a minimum of 10-15 years before you cash out or consider moving your investment.

A universal life insurance policy bought while you are still in your twenties, would be perfect to use as a down payment on your first home. Continental can advise you on the type of universal life to choose. Remember, buying life insurance while you are young means you reap the benefit of low rates. These costs will increase as you get older.

Continental can find the best universal life insurance policy for your needs

It pays to have a plan for your lifetime financial strategy, and here at Continental we can help you figure out what to do and where to invest your time, money and resources. When you need a life strategy talk to the experts at Continental. We are leaders in the field of insurance throughout the Middle East. We’re committed to providing personalised solutions for your specific life insurance requirements. Talk to our qualified and experienced team of consultants today about your needs and we’ll help to clarify the type of universal life insurance that would work best for you.

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Deciding on the insurance policy that’s right for you can be a daunting task. At Continental our specialist insurance experts are happy to talk you through a wide range of options, including universal life insurance. We’ll help you unravel the complexity of the insurance world and find the right life insurance solution. One that is specifically tailored for your individual needs.

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Three reasons to choose Continental


A network of qualified professionals

We recognise our responsibility as your guide to the complex, ever-changing world of financial planning and advice. Our advisory and consulting services help you better understand your options to create proven solutions that align with your goals.

Continental’s team of over 300 qualified members operating from offices in the Middle East, Europe and Asia are geared to provide you with impeccable service and unbiased advice that is backed by professional qualifications, rich experience and a guiding philosophy of doing what is right for you, our client.

Our dedication to continuing education, research and technology, ensures we stay ahead, so we can take you further.


Multifaceted solutions

For us there’s nothing more important than your financial security. Whether you are securing your family’s future, assisting your clients or planning your own expansion, Continental can provide the guidance and resources necessary to reach your financial goals and aspirations quickly and efficiently.

Our extensive range of products from reputed local and international partners allow us to offer you the most comprehensive financial and insurance solutions in the market with a commitment to provide a dedicated and personalised service to you at all times.


A personalised approach

We believe that in life, and in business, personal relationships come first. Our relationships are founded on trust that we work hard to uphold – always in addition to a qualified, experienced team.

To help you meet your unique financial goals and aspirations, we ensure that our advice and recommendations are tailored to suit your objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, cash requirements and other key parameters. We source solutions that are designed based on your long-term interests which could vary from minimising risk, preserving wealth, to maximising income or accumulating capital and other financial desires.

The quality of our service relies on confidentiality, trust and discretion, which make us the preferred choice for our clients.

What our clients say about us


1. How does universal life insurance work?

Put simply, a part of what you pay every month is used for the cost of the life insurance policy and a part is invested to be used as savings. The insurance pays out to your beneficiary when you die. Meanwhile, the investment should grow over time and this means that eventually you can stop paying the premium on the life portion of the policy as it is covered by your cash savings.

2. What is universal life insurance used for?

Universal life insurance is used to provide a cash lump sum to a dependent or beneficiary in the event of the policyholder’s death. This cash sum can be used by the family, or by business partners, to pay for immediate needs.

3. What is Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

Markets can go down as well as up, and sometimes investments can underperform. Indexed universal life insurance has evolved to address concerns with changing global markets. It is important to ask your financial adviser at Continental about a full range of insurance and investment options.

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