Episode-8 21 Dec 2021

The Real Cost of being an Influencer

The Real Cost of being an Influencer

Influencers, the stars of the 21st century inspire us in all walks of life be it lifestyle, fashion, art, finance or motivation. From a six-year-old Diana to Mr. Beast on the Global stage or Khalid Al Ameri to Huda Khatan in the UAE. They have amassed large followings whom they inspire and brands frequently seek them out to influence their followers positively. The opportunity to work with big brands and make big money has most of us hooked on the idea of cashing in on social media. However, earning a living through social media may not be as simple as it may seem.

Is the relationship between brands and influencers mutually beneficial? Do influencers need to manage and plan their finances differently, since most times they are paid through barter deals rather than cash? Is this really a long-term career option?

Listen to what our guest Saher I. Mansoor, a mommy influencer on Instagram, has to share about her journey, the challenges she faced and her views on the future of the social media influencer profession. 

You can connect with Saher on Instagram @saher.i.mansoor

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