Episode-9 30 Apr 2022

UAE Corporate Tax Simplified

UAE Corporate Tax Simplified

Corporate tax has been the topic of discussion since the announcement In January 2022. While there are a lot of questions regarding its implementation, the questions is why corporate tax in UAE and why now? Should all the organisations start gearing up today for a smooth transition tomorrow? What are the exemptions, incentives and implications for corporates, freezone and SMEs? How can an organisation reduce their tax liability with incentives?

Listen to our guest speaker Aunali Jaffer Merchant as he simplifies corporate tax. Aunali Merchant is an expert in core tax with 10 years of experience in the UAE and GCC region. He says the tax is often seen negatively, but that is not the case, and he explains why in this podcast of Dollar Dirhams and our two financial cents.

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Note: The information mentioned in this episode is subject to change as a result of changes released by UAE ministry of finance.

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