Episode-6 26 Aug 2021

Retire on your term, not just at 65

Retire on your term, not just at 65

When should you retire? Should you retire at all? And why on earth should you retire at age 65?

If retirement has been a subject weighing on your mind and you can’t seem to separate the facts from the myth, or if you feel you need a better way to think and plan for the later years of your life, understand how to mitigate risks associated with health, income and long term care – this podcast episode is for you!

Don’t miss this thought-provoking conversation on retirement, between Anselm Mendes, the host of the podcast and Ashok Sardana, Founder and Managing Director of the Continental Group, who has been advising clients ranging from executives to entrepreneurs. Listen in as they explore the various facets of retirement and what you need to do to prepare yourself for what could very well be the best years of your life!

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