Episode-3 03 Jun 2021

Whose money is it anyway? Unclaimed wealth and what you can do about it.

Whose money is it anyway? Unclaimed wealth and what you can do about it.

Did you know that over $109 billion was reported as unclaimed money by banks, insurance companies and financial institutions around the globe? Did you ever think that the Record-keeping of your financial wealth is a crucial step to managing your money? Well, I didn't! 


Most of us end up saving and investing our hard-earned money for our future and the security of our loved ones, but we end up missing one crucial step that seems to determine whether you and your family will enjoy the fruits of your labour or if it will sit unclaimed and forgotten. Financial record-keeping of your assets can seem like an intimidating task and a long, complicated process but it doesn’t need to be. 


In this episode, our guest Aadil Kadri, a financial advisor with over two decades of experience in financial planning, will help you understand why it is essential to keep a record and what to keep records of. Let's embark on the journey of record-keeping and consolidation of one's assets and wealth and help the money reach the hands of our loved ones at the right time. Aadil has a small but powerful giveaway for you as a token of appreciation for investing 30 mins of your time to take care of your finances. He is sharing a template he uses himself -  designed to be easy to use but comprehensive - for you to start with record-keeping right away. Download now and get started with keeping track of your wealth so that you and your family have the peace of mind of knowing where and how to access the wealth you’ve worked so hard for.


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