Episode-1 11 Apr 2022

Future Of Work

Future Of Work

The dynamics of hybrid, work from home or work onsite are still being explored by many organisations, with most companies are favouring the hybrid working model. With this in mind, how are companies coping to keep their employee happiness index high? What are the employees actually looking for in their job? What is the corporate culture employees are seeking to be a part of and why is it so important? What are the more efficient ways to work around  budgetary brackets to keep employees happy? Does better medical insurance make a big difference to employees seeing new roles?

Making things more “customer-friendly” and efficiency  were key factors that led Ms. Sara Maria Boueri  to challenge the status quo, making her a pioneer in the field. Listen to what our guest speaker has to say about her journey and how she transformed her workplace from the 5th most disengaged organization to being certified as a “Great Place to Work”, all in a span of 6 months. 

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