Episode-7 22 Sep 2021

How to talk to your kids & teens about money?

How to talk to your kids & teens about money?

From starting a piggy bank to sending your kid off to college with a credit card, helping kids learn healthy habits around money can take a lot of work — and patience. Teaching children to be financially responsible early on will help them cope with challenges like setting limits, planning a budget and resisting impulse buys.

There are a lot of different ways to help kids get smart about spending, but the way parents have been handling it, has not worked for them and their kids. Parents think they know about how to educate their kids & teens money, but mostly they don’t. In this podcast, join our host Anselm Mendes & Marilyn Pinto, a rebel educator and founder of KFI Global to talk about common mistakes parents have been making when it comes to talking to their kids & teens about money.

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