Episode-4 05 Jul 2021

Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$

Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$

There is a general notion that women tend to put off investing or managing their financial health. There's probably an employer's fund, some money in deposits for the future, and perhaps holding reasonable sums of cash at home for any sudden requirements, but that's about it. It may not be applicable for all, but there is some truth that women worldwide are commonly battling with views and beliefs that limit their financial opportunities and potential. By limiting this power to advance themselves, women are restricting their own growth, families' growth, their communities, and their economies at large.

While women are succeeding despite mindsets holding them back, there has been a constant struggle to find ease in managing investments.

In Today's Episode Amrita Sethi, a Financial Advisor turned NFT artist talks about the importance of financial planning for women. She covers areas of importance in personal financing, advice for women (and men) at all and any stage of their life.


If you would like to speak to Amrita Sethi you can contact her on Twitter or Instagram and LinkedIn

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