We will strive to

make a stand,

cement our

contributions to

society, and

become the best

version of our

selves as we sail

on the tides of


Jollvette Rapadas

Dela Cruz, managing

director Chef Signature

We must rally

together, raise

greater awareness,

inspire one

another, and

communicate our

shared struggles

and successes

to achieve the

desired results"

Shilpa Shetty,

SVP Private Client

The Continental Group


Only when we

celebrate our


can we be encour

aged to work

harder, aim high-

er, and dream

bigger. Let us

co-create a cul-

ture of gender

equality and



Sarah Retal, CEO and

founder, Dawrat

This year's

theme recogn

ises the efforts

of women who

are leading the

global move-

ment of climate

change and ac-

knowledges how

gender equality,

social equity, and

climate change

all together are

vital to achiev-

ing a sustainable


Mariben Christine


founder and MD at

EZONE Business Setup

Staff Report

business khalesitimes.com

Dubai Airports, the operator of

Dubai International (DXB) and

Dubai World Central (DWC), has

announced the launch of the new

Dubai Airports Women's Network

(DAWN), a dedicated platform to

empower, inspire, inform and con-

nect women in aviation and maxi-

mise personal and professional de-

velopment opportunities for Dubai

Airports female professionals.

Focused around three key pil-

lars-'Connect', 'Grow', 'Thrive'

the DAWN platform will pro-

vide a range of networking and

knowledge sharing opportunities

while contributing to Dubai Air-

ports' ability to maintain a happy,

healthy and balanced work envi-

ronment for all employees. The

network also advances Dubai Air-

ports' corporate commitment of

furthering more inclusive work

place practices, while improving

employee engagement and well

being in line with the UAE's Na-

tional Strategy.

Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai

Airports, said: "Our people are

our most important asset and the

continued growth and success of

our female workforce is essen-


Able to pass security clearance

Good Moral character

For Ad Books & EC044050 04 404 02 7544




DAWN to empower

female professionals


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High school and vocational school mechanical diploma

2-3 year's experience

Troubleshoot and recover simple equipment problems.


jobrecruite 2019@gmail.com




Sam Martin,

managing partner,

Reel Dunes


Move ahead of gender

biases, uplift women

Sandhys D'Mello


When worlding in a

multicultural group

or environment,

we need to

attempt to unlearn

our inherent


biases by rationally

assessing the

decisions our

brains make

in everyday



0 000

Men and women have an equal

responsibility to support wom

en, especially in the wake of the

Covid-19 pandemic, and it is about

time that the world moves ahead

of gender biases and stereotypes

and uplifts women to do what they

are truly capable of, said Alisha

Moopen, deputy managing direc

tor of Aster DM Healthcare, on In-

ternational Women's Day 2022.

This year's International Wom-

en's Day theme-#BreakThellias

is focused on a "gender-equal"

world. A world free of bias, stereo-

types, and discrimination, which

is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

A world where difference is valued

and celebrated and forging wom

en's equality.

The blue-chip firm led by

Moopen mother of three and

daughter of Dr Azad Moopen,

founder, chairman, and managing

director of Aster DM Healthcare-

is at the helm of corporate affairs

and is seen as an ambassador of

women empowerment in the Ar


Moopen endorses that ensuring

gender balance at senior levels has

to be a board agenda, as there are

enough research papers that con-

firm the superior performance,


tial to the continued success of

all aspects of our operations. The

DAWN platform is a long-term

initiative to help ensure Dubai

Airports continues to build on its

commitment to provide an in-

clusive, supportive environment

where all female professionals are

encouraged and empowered to

realize their maximum ambitions.

and potential.

"We also hope the DAWN net-

work will help inspire young fe-

male professionals across Dubai

and the UAE to explore the amaz-

ing opportunities the aviation

community provides," he added.

The DAWN platform was

launched on International Wom-

en's Day, which celebrates the so-

cial, economic, cultural, and polit

ical achievements of women and

honours their influential histo-

ry across the globe. As part of the

launch, Mona Al Abdoli, Dubai

Airports' SVP of Corporate Assur-

ance, moderated a virtual event

where she shared her personal ca-

reer development story and led

a panel discussion on topics that I

included challenges faced by fe-

male leaders as well empower-

ment strategies to help foster the

professional growth of women at

Dubai Airports.

Rohma Sadaqat


governance, and stickiness by staff

created by women leaders being in

senior roles.

"We have to commit to a certain

ratio of senior leadership and above

being women, to be able to effecti

real change. Having a woman for

just a namesake and to comply with

some guidelines, or to showdiversi-

ty and inclusion, will not suffice. It

needs to be a more systematic and

structured change where we com-

mit to 30-40 per cent of leadership

roles being occupied by women.

Over the last few years, and even

more so during the pandemic, we

have witnessed that organisational

cultural practices that emphasised

high humane orientation, high gen-

der equity, high-performance ori-

entation, and low power distance

were reported to have high percent-

ages of women in management,

relative to societal norms, she ex-



Almost 60 per cent of Aster's

employee base of around 24,000

employees are women, who are i

functioning across different roles

of responsibility in the company.

The brand has launched Diva 2.0,

an initiative to conduct medical

camp and wellness programmes

for low-income women workers.

"We just finished a camp in Al

Quoz over the weekend, which

benefitted 400 women from

A gender diverse workforce

that boasts a female leader at its

helm has a distinct competitive

advantage in the industry, ex-

perts observed on International

Women's Day

They shared how seeing a wom-

an in a leadership role inspires

young women to apply for rolesina

company, and that this is especially

true if the company is in an indus-

try that is considered to be male-


Hildegard Wortmann, member

of the Board of Management for

Sales and Marketing at Audi, noted

We have witnessed that organisational

cultural practices that emphasised high

humane orientation, high gender equity, high-

performance orientation, and low power distance

were reported to have high percentages of women

in management, relative to societal norms

Women in leadership crucial

for workforce gender balance


www.economy a




Safety Recall Campaign for

certain 2017 Model Year INFINITI

Q30/QX30 (H15) Vehicles

"Arabian Automobiles, the local importer of

INFINITI vehicles in the Emirate of Dubai and

Northern Emirates, and "Al Masaood Automobiles,

the official dealer of INFINITI cars in the Emirate of

Abu Dhabi, announce the launch of a Safety Recall

campaign for a number of 2017 INFINITI 030/0X50

H15) cars, manufactured in the United Kingdom.

School Transport Services. More-

over, we have entered into a part-

nership with India's well-known

rural activist, Ruma Devi, to intro-

duce health and women empow

erment initiatives in the farmer

district of Rajasthan. The Barm-

er district comprises of 250 villag

es with a population size of almost

three million. It would also see the

launch of Aster Volunteers Mobile

Medical Services, which would

provide primary health check-

ups, medical eye exams, and oth-

er services," added Moopen, who

was nominated among the top

100 Young Global Leaders by the

World Economic Forum in 2020.

in the affected vehicles, the steering column lower

shaft joint was bored oversize in this condition

the lower joint needle bearing can become loose in

the housing and cause damage to the bearing.

which may lead to bearing detachment, if the

bearing detaches, the customer may experience

poor steering feel and noise. in extreme cases, with

continued vehicle usage, it is possible for the lower

joint to become detached, resulting in a loss of

steering control and increased risk of a crash


Aster Volunteers is a global cor

porate social responsibility ini-

tiative that is touching millions t

of lives. On account of Interna

tional Women's Day this year, As-

ter Volunteers conducted a multi-

specialty medical and wellness

camp at Infracare ladies accom

modation at Al Quoz. "It was really

heartwarming and inspiring to see

how these women are so passion-

ate and talented. We feel this is our

fundamental responsibility of vol-

unteering," she said.

that many industries are evolving

due to the availability of new tech-

nology, which is creating new roles

that women can actively pursue.

She agreed that the automotive in

Justry is "not the most diverse in-

dastry" and that there is still a

ways to go forus.

Moopen, who is a role model for

aspiring businesswomen in the Ar

ab world, thinks that women tend to

take on challenges as they are inbuilt

with a strong sense of resilience.

Speaking about the #BreakThe

Bias theme for this year's Interna-

tional Women's Day, Shehzeen Ja-

mil R, head of COFEstore at COFE

App, and co-founder at SIPPY, said

that women are generally subject

to a stricter set of standards than

men in the founder/startup space.

"The goal should not be to just

have more women present in or-

der to promote change, but, rather


have changed mentalities in place

that understand and accept wom-

en equally. If women could have

more time allocated towards their

actual work, rather than proving

their worth and fighting bias, we'd

all be in a very different world."

Leandra Meintjes, head of mar-

keting at Proven, said that the oc

casion called for everyone to salute

all the women who do things a little



in coordination with the Competition Protection it is expected that this recali campaign will include

Department in the Ministry of Economy and in line (60) cars in the United Arab Emirates

with its commitment to conduct an ongoing

review of all products in the UAE, and provide the

consumer with the required protection

Azza Al Marzougi, HR lead at

HPE, also offered her insight on

the role that technology has played

in transforming the workforce. "I

believe the future of technology

should be inclusive of every gender

and ethnicity."

المسعود للسيارات ما




in the interest of delivering the highest standards

of INFINITI quality and customer care, Arabian

Automobiles/Al Masaood Automobiles wi begini

contacting the affected customers to inform them

about this recall and request them to bring in their

vehicles. The replacement of the necessary parts

will be done free of charge. Every effort will be

made to minimize any inconvenience caused

during the short time required for the work to be

carried out

For further clarification

customers are

requested to contact the Arabian Autommables/

Al Masaood Automobiles Customer Care Centre

on 000-46346484/4971-24492596 from 800 am

to 600 pm Monday to Friday E-ma


we regret any inconvenience this may cause and

thank our customers for their

for their patience

and understanding

Call Centre 800-1222



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